July 20, 2024

About Sportarbiter.com

Sportarbiter.com platform for Soccer Statistics. It is a place for enthusiasts and beginners. Website provides data for more than 500 soccer leagues and cups.

We use various interactive tables to vision soccer statistics. Data is updated instantly as the match progresses.

Sportarbiter.com provides stats from up to 10 years of historical soccer events.

Website gives access to: Fixtures, Odds, Results, Standings, Head to Head comparison, Team stats, Goals, Cards, Corners stats.

Teams and leagues search tool filters through thousands of games in a matter of seconds.

Our team is constantly monitoring and developing updates for Sportarbiter.com so we can provide as accurate as possible analyses

*Full website data (including predictions) is available for Sportarbiter.com Pro users.


SportArbiter.com website has a prediction section. The system is a self driving engine to provide daily predictions and update data accordingly.

Algorithm analyses soccer events for upcoming week and automatically selects best matches and odds according to stats, patterns, etc..

Predictions: Goals (Over/Under). This is a points system based on probability to determine how many goals would be in the match.

Dropping Odds indicate the book makers odds decrease in percentage. Odds changes that happen over time fluctuate regularly depending on the amount of money being placed, team news, changes in competitors form and other factors.

Predictions: Corners (Over/Under). This is a points system based on probability to determine how many corners would be in the match. History of predictions and upcoming predictions available for Sportarbiter.com Pro users.

Terms and Conditions

• Sportarbiter.com does not take any responsibility for any loss of money while using, following Sportarbiter.com statistics/predictions.

• Sportarbiter.com displays data as accurate as possible as well as corrects errors occur.

• Sportarbiter.com does not guarantee that the predictions are 100% correct. It is based on statistics and it is automaticity analysed by the algorithm.

• Sportarbiter.com Prediction section displays one of the highest odds in a market. The user is free to choose any other option to what is shown in the prediction area.

• Sportarbiter.com does get all the data from third party so it can not be held responsible for any errors in data presented on the website.

• Sportarbiter.com takes security seriously and doesn’t not share any user data with third party without users consent.

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